Verses traditional businesses that shrink your 401 K to a 101 A, have you working more and more and can possibly double your expenditures. It’s funny how much phones have changed within the last 10 years. Texting. My personal board of advisors correct me if I start drinking my own Kool Aid, enhance my ability to focus, prioritize, and hustle, and help me design a successful value model. At 47, I find building these relationships comes more easily than it did when I was 27. It’s amazing how much more I thought I knew then, and how hard it was for me to take the advice of others..

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My friends who I’ve known since before I did the show, I guess I’m all right with them watching because I’ve known them forever. But other people who I’ve met since, if they start watching the show, I don’t really trust them as people. It’s hard growing up in Hollywood, you know? I’m not from LA originally.

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