The last step is completely optional but will help you control your media center remotely. There are a number of apps available that support remotely controlling a PC but for Android I like the Unified Remote. Essentially you will install a small application on your media center PC.

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The senate enacted a proposal whereby each senator’s vote would be weighted based on the population of the county represented, under which Cape May County’s senator would receive one vote while the senator from County would receive 19.1, in direct relation to the ratio of residents between counties. In a decision issued on December 15, 1964, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the weighted voting system as adopted was unconstitutional. The court ordered that interim measures be established for the 1965 legislative elections, in which weighted voting could be used as a temporary measure, and that the needed constitutional changes to restructure the New Jersey Legislature to be in compliance with « one man, one vote » requirements be in place before elections took place in 1967.

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