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canada goose uk outlet GOP Candidate: Romney, Gingrich or someone else?Jump to Last Post 1 16 of canada goose outlet legit 16 discussions (105 posts)Do you think there’s still a chance that someone other than Romney or Gingrich will emerge and become the Republican nominee. Both Romney canada goose gilet mens uk and Gingrich both have good, but not spectacular levels canada goose outlet orlando of support, and there is a sense that neither one of them quite fits the bill, in terms of what the party is looking for.DJProfessorKposted 6 years agoin reply to thisNeither is a good candidate, Gingrich is intelligent canada goose outlet store uk but canada goose deals has a bad reputation from his previous run canada goose manchester uk in politics. Romney is so fake that he’ll say anything and everything to get the nomination.I canada goose uk black friday like Jon Huntsman or Ron Paul, but it will take a massive change in events to bring them to the fore. canada goose uk outlet

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