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With 15 students walking through the halls on Tuesdays in fuoro yellow shirts, we could no longer be ignored, we grew again. By the spring we saw 19 20 students riding every Tuesday, 1 riding every day from his house, and 5 6 parents joining our efforts. Our train riding single file stretched enough to get the notice of our town police who began to hold intersections for us when they could.

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Iran Contra? Not enough. Clinton lies about a blow job? IMPEACH! Start war on false pretenses, act as an accomplice to genocide? Meh, just another day at the office. Hard choices had to be made. The problem with shops is that even piling on hate doesn necessarily help. Turn one sphere on the play can make games unwinnable even with ten cards out of the board. So with three more slots from misstep, sure it helps, but I not sure it changes the fundamentals.