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cash advance Of course, components such as this would be totally pointless if this eco A6 was dull to drive all long gear ratios and rattly engine noise. It isn’t, though; it’s an Audi with VW Golf GTD power, after all.Drive more carefully and in gear pace is perfectly acceptable, while the engine is virtually silent even cruising at 100mph on the German autobahns. Back on UK roads we expect the fibreglass springs to cope well it’s a passive set up payday loans, and supported our A6 Avant nicely on the worst surfaces we could find along our southern German test routes.Downsides? Well, the steering is still typically light and twirly fine for a lazy motorway cruise, but hardly confidence inspiring for the ‘sports saloon’ Audi says its 5 Series rival is.Minor gripes such as the cheap plastic shift paddles and pointless centre console section for hiding SD and SIM card slots count against the A6 Ultra too cash advance.