What can really be changed? Educate the people, that the only way you can do it. You could also improve the election system, and make sure intelligence services and diplomacy can prevent other countries to influence elections. Also make sure fraudsters like Trump don get to survive bankruptcies before getting elected, and make sure he doesn get help from Russia to become a russian pawn..

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« Since 2014, our community has been fighting [the Islamic State]. All of our resources have been going to our internally displaced people in the homeland, to galvanizing support for our militias, to getting a political solution, » Naoum told HuffPost on Wednesday. « And now in 2017, our war against ISIS has opened up into a two front war: against ISIS and the Trump administration. ».

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Ivy had to fight like hell to get full custody of their child. She’s Dominican, which to racists falls into the category of « Probably some kind of criminal. » Her ex and his lawyer made her out to be a gangbanger, and the judge fell for it for months. « It wasn’t until [her ex] caused internal bleeding and threatened me via text that they granted full custody, » she said.

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