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canada goose deals While testing some of the first cars off the assembly line in October 2004, engineer Gary Altman noted that driver knee bumped the key in such a manner as to turn off the ignition.Altman, the program engineering manager for the Cobalt and Ion, was the second GM engineer put on paid leave this week for undisclosed reasons. He could not be reached for comment.Engineers considered possible remedies, but it was decided that tooling cost and piece price are too canada goose sale uk high and the lead time required to make canada goose outlet phone number the change too long. The case was closed in March 2005, with engineer Blendi Sullaj noting, of the solutions represents an acceptable business case.Problems persisted with engines stalling in the Cobalt, which GM engineers by then had traced to the faulty switches.In another document, Delphi engineers on June 14, 2005, discussed a request from GM that they perform an analysis on the blowing up in their face in regards to turning off with the drivers knee, wrote Delphi engineer John Coniff.A second GM investigation in June 2005 for stalling engines in the Cobalt resulted in a recommendation to provide an ignition key insert to customers, but no change in the faulty switch because the canada goose outlet buffalo case (was) not supported to redesign the part.Another group of GM engineers in September 2005, in an email chain, discussed postponement until fall 2008 of a proposal to implement a new switch on the Cobalt, Ion and companion vehicles, because the change would add $400,000 in retooling cost, plus an additional 90 cents Canada Goose Outlet per vehicle.Lori Queen, the top executive overseeing GM small car team, challenged the delay, saying, not sure it ok to wait canada goose deals.