As calm begins to take hold and Ferguson takes its place alongside past urban riots, here are some details about racial unrest in the United States. RACE RIOTS On July 27, 1919, while swimming with friends, a black teenager, Eugene Williams, drifted across an unofficial barrier between segregated beaches in Chicago. A group of white youths stoned him and he drowned.

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Not all travel basketball teams have ties to the big apparel companies and their unlimited resources. One such travel team is TMP Basketball, which was started in 1996 by Charleston businessman Richard Davis along with Porter Gaud head coach John Pearson and Antoine Saunders, the former head coach at St. John’s High School and now an assistant coach at First Baptist..

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Carol Andrews is a longtime resident of Castlegar, having moved here when she was cheap jerseys just five years old. Three generations of her family have attended Selkirk College, and in 2004, Carol started her career as an instructor in the School of Environment and Geomatics. Passionate about sharing her love and knowledge of our natural environment, Carol has spent many years learning and exploring the ecology, history, communities, and people of this beautiful landscape.

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Members of Beverly High School’s class of 1967 are invited to a breakfast on Sunday, Aug. 6, at Danversport Yacht Club, 161 Elliott St., Danvers. Tickets are $25 per person and must be purchased before Monday, July 10 through Nancy Gallo Cavanaugh at 508 954 1553 or Maralyn Fillmore Klibansky at 978 922 9213..

Well, the only awkwardness is that he’s absolutely gorgeous and I had a big ole crush on him. Her whole existence revolves around blushing or making others blush. She has a strong sense of self and has very strong ties to her family (sound familiar).

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In 1985, the Charleston Royals baseball team became the Charleston Rainbows, inspired by downtown’s Rainbow Row. This is the third year the Charleston RiverDogs (est. 1994) have promoted their Rainbows throwback night by teaming up with Charleston Pride.

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The Tannery Road bridge in Otis over the West Branch of the Farmington Road suffers from scour, as did the original Meadow Street bridge in Lee the crossing now served by a temporary replacement structure. In a February 2012 report, scour affecting the Lee bridge was listed as a severe or major deficiency demanding action placards are in place in Otis, offering a quick visual measure of water depth. The same signs are posted under bridges throughout the county, including at the Main Road bridge in Tyringham.

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Dear brother and friend of Steve Shaw and his wife Alison. Son of Laura Shaw and the late Eugene « Sib. » Son in law of Clarence and Joyce Tate, Brother in law of Kevin and Deb Tate, Uncle Dickie to Connor and Ryan Shaw and Lindsey Tate. Also remembered by his many uncles, aunts, extended family members and friends.

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