If you are planning to purchase a very large telephoto lens, invest in a good tripod. You cannot handle the weight of lens by yourself, resulting in extremely blurry photographs. As you zoom into items, you increase the chance that your images will be blurry, and any little shake of the hand will exaggerate the blur..

Changing over to Blu ray discs is going to take time. Movie rentals like Netflix and others too do not have many Blu ray titles. It is only the new titles that are likely to be available in this newer HDTV format. Keep in mind it okay to have spare of things. Running shoes are a consumable, and there is nothing non minimalist about having the next pair ready when your current pair wears out. What not very minimalist is if you like my mother.

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I a heavy CAD user at work and am comfortable building PC as a hobby so do general on site IT. I used Novabench and Heaven on most of our machines just to keep a record of relative performance and its as most people suggest. The performance of even the super high end cards are not particularity appreciable on the quadro cards(do get to go a little crazy on resolution on the best one)..

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