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replica handbags online Facebook is getting replica bags chicago tough on political ad spending (Image: Getty)Get the biggest politics stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThe company has also announced that it’s archiving all adverts, starting from 2018, and will keep them available for seven years after they first run. You can search this archive now, although results are a bit patchy from our quick look.This will enable you to click on a « paid for by » link and see what other campaigns have been run by that advertisers.Facebook is testing a brand new feature that will allow you to UNSEND messagesPolitical ads or those which touch on subjects of national importance will be kept for seven yearsThe service also explains how much money was spent by a campaign and by how many people it was seen by.The rules extend not only to political ads, but also to issues that are of national importance. joy replica bags review That allows Facebook to catch things that might otherwise slip under the net for example, ads about immigration or the NHS.Facebook denied significant spending during the UK’s referendum on membership of the EU replica handbags online.