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Valentino Cheap Bags Otherwise, hand wash powder could be purchased from the canteen for use in your own cell, or you can use prison issue shower gel.It was accepted that prison clothing was very poor so wherever possible, you’d keep the best or newest garments you could, wash them yourself in your cell and keep them, rather than risking swapping a good item for something tired.Whether you can wear your own clothing depends on the Incentive and Earned Privileges (IEP) level you are at.With good behaviour or more precisely, no bad behaviour your status will be raised from ‘standard’ to ‘enhanced’.Clothing didn’t really put people into groups but it did differentiate them.Anybody wearing their own clothes was seen as established in the prison they’d been there for at least three months with no bad behaviour, and were seen as a little more trustworthy.Wing orderlies were issued with green work trousers these jobs were the most sought after, and only the most trusted inmates were offered them. So anybody wearing ‘greens’ was also seen as trustworthy.It also commands respect in a very strange way if you’re in your own clothes, you’re established, and you probably know people inside, so there’s less chance of someonetaking a chance on you asthey feel they may get repercussions.(Picture: Getty)Shoes were a very telling sign of status too.Inmates new to the wing would usually arrive straight from court, and be issued with grey jogging bottoms and a grey sweatshirt but no shoes.Most would have attended court smartly dressed, very often wearing shiny leather shoes, which they would have to wear on the landings with their jogging bottoms.Of course, this wasn’t a good look and made them stand out.Vegans storm ethical food shop selling ‘happy’ meat, eggs and milkFirst picture of mum who died screaming ‘where’s my baby’ after being hit by carTory whip Gareth Johnson quits so he can vote against Theresa May’s Brexit dealThe prison issued trainers to anyone who attended the gym but there was a waiting list for induction. Until then, you had to wear whatever shoes you were wearing in court.Clothing was only really an issue cheap valentino handbags during visits.It was almost part of the initiation in reception that you were strip searched, had your street clothes removed from you and handed prison clothing.It’s degrading but, in a way, it’s almost a leveller everybody is the same, you’re all wearing the same rags.(Picture: Michael Rougier/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)Still, it wasn’t a good look even to the most unfashionable, it was clear they were wearing worn out rags Valentino Cheap Bags.