That’s why a good report should start with an Abstract or Executive Summary. Here’s what we did, here’s what happened, and here’s what we think you should do about it. After that one half page to one page overview, try your Recommended Action section.

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« She’ll remind me of my humanity. What’s essential in all of us, » President Barack Obama, a major fan whose administration tapped Franklin for frequent public appearances, told The New Yorker’s David Remnick when asked why he had included Franklin’s music on his desert island list. Like the playwright August Wilson and the novelist Toni Morrison (she is still blessedly with us), Franklin was a figure whose presence and cultural work was firmly grounded in African American experience, yet without compromise or corruption translated universally..

I first started working on Asana when I became involved in planning for the Plutus awards. While I’m still slow to adopt project management software programs like this, there is no denying their usefulness when it comes to business collaboration. It’s possible to assign tasks, set goals as a team, and encourage each other.

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