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moncler coats for kids Corporal Punishment cheap moncler coats Caught On Camera: Chennai School Suspends TeacherChennai News Written by J Sam Daniel Stalin Friday December 1, 2017A school teacher reportedly working at a government aided school in Chennai has been suspended by the school for whipping students with a stick. CCTV images, which NDTV can’t verify, show 11 students being beaten by the teacher with a stick in the computer laboratory for allegedly not completing the assignment he had given.Corporal Punishment At Home Most Common Form Of Childhood Violence: ReportThomson Reuters Foundation Wednesday September 27, 2017London: From fist fights at school to murder and sexual abuse, each year nearly three in four children worldwide experience some form of violence, which has long term health and economic costs, a report said on Tuesday.The study byIndia based advocacy group Know Violence in Childhood found that an estimated 1.7 billion boys and girls across the.Schoolgirl Pushed Down From Building By moncler outlet sale Teachers In PakistanWorld News Press Trust of India Monday May 29, 2017A 14 year old Pakistani girl was allegedly pushed by two of her teachers from the rooftop of a school building in the Punjab province for refusing to « clean the classroom », a media report said.Delhi Government Orders Private School To Take Disciplinary Action In Corporal Punishment CaseEducation Press Trust of India Wednesday May 17, 2017The Delhi government has ordered Ramjas School in Anand Parbat area to take disciplinary action against the teachers accused by a man of giving corporal punishment to his daughter, a charge denied by the principal.Maneka Gandhi Urges Schools ToFollow Guidelines And End Corporal PunishmentNDTV News Desk Thursday February 16, 2017New Delhi: After a disturbing incident in Uttar Pradesh last week where the girl students were allegedly forced to run laps of the playground without their skirts for failing to complete their homework, the Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi has urged schools to eliminate corporal punishment and follow the guidelines issued by the N.Corporal Punishment: Maneka Gandhi Urges Schools To Strictly Observe NCPCR GuidelinesEducation Edited by Shihabudeen Kunju S Wednesday February 15, 2017The Minister of Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi has urged schools to strictly observe Guidelines for Eliminating Corporal Punishment, issued by the National Commission of Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) of WCD Ministry. The mother of the boy has complained to Middlesbrough’s Sunnyside Academy School over the alleged incident, which she claims ha.Bengaluru Girl Beaten With Leather Belt Allegedly For Not Doing HomeworkBangalore News Thursday August 4, 2016A Class 2 student in Bengaluru was beaten with a leather belt allegedly by her tutor for not doing her homework moncler coats for kids.