canada goose These Shocking Facts Will Make You Terrified To Buy Drugs Online Mandi Woodruff May 9, 2012, 9:51 AM It’s no wonder so many Americans have turned to the Web in search of affordable prescriptions—the average family shelled out nearly $1,000 for out of pocket medical costs in the first quarter of 2012 alone. And criminals have taken note. The booming counterfeit drug trade – both online and off – has stumped regulators at nearly every corner and caused dozens of deaths with no signs of slowing. 1/ An estimated 36 million Americans have purchased from websites peddling counterfeits. Source: CBS 2/ Nearly 80 percent of the ingredients in the US drug supply come from overseas. The FDA only inspects about 12% of those facilities per year. Source: CBS 3/ This early morning raid on a Peruvian drug storage facility took 200 officers and a team of investigators assembled by Pfizer. The drug giant has to work hard to protect its products, including Viagra, one of the most counterfeited drugs in the world. Source: CBS 4/ Here’s the paint fraudsters use to give fake Viagra their signature blue hue. Source: Pfizer 5/ Counterfeiters aren’t using state-of-the-art technology. Crude packaging machines like these are used along with silk screens that have been imprinted with logos from name-brand drugs. Source: CBS 6/ Drugs are most often produced in pretty unsavory conditions. Here’s a counterfeit drug den busted by Pfizer’s global security team. CBS Source: CBS 7/ Yet their techniques are so advanced that it’s entirely impossible for the average consumer to spot fakes. 60 Minutes Source: CBS 8/ It took a lab technician to spot this fake ZyPREXA using an infared scanner. Source: CBS 9/ In 2008, more than 80 people in the U.S. allegedly died from dosages of blood thinner Heparin. It turned out counterfeit ingredients traced back to China made their way into supplies in 10 countries, including the UK, Australia, Canada and France. Wikimedia Commons Source: CNN 10/ The counterfeit drug trade is oftentimes run by former narcotic traffickers who’ve realized they can make a bigger profit peddling fake Viagra. Source: Pfizer 11/ It only costs about 40 cents to make a bottle of pills which are usually sold for $18 to $20 a pop. Source: CBS 12/ Another trick sites use to dupe consumers looking for low-cost drugs: fake security logos from reputable companies. Source: Pfizer 13/ There’s a reason most counterfeit drug sites dress themselves up as Canadian. They know U.S. consumers will be more willing to believe drugs are legit if they come from our neighbor or other seemingly « safe » countries canadagooseparka , like the UK. Flickr/trevy Source: Pfizer 14/ But those postage stamps are just a rouse. Often, scammers will ship drugs from warehouses clear across the globe. A middle-man intercepts the packages and slaps on Canadian or UK postage stamps before shipping them off to customers. Source: Pfizer 15/ Bigger drug loads are sent via air cargo, but even if Customs intercepts suspicious packages, they aren’t authorized to dispose of them. More often than not canadagooseparka , they wind up shipping them back to wherever they came from. Source: CBS 16/ This is the U.S. Customs haul at JFK International Airport after just one day. It’s all going back to senders. Source: CBS 17/ Here’s just a sample of what investigators have found packed into fake pills: Pfizer -Rat poison -boric acid -antifreeze -PCBs -benzopyrenes -floor wax -brick dust -sheet rock -house paint -road paint -paint thinner -maple sugar -sucrose The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy keeps detailed lists of online sites that sell legitimate pharmaceuticals. 18/ Fraudulent products are hiding in your pantry, too: Michael W. May / Flickr Here’s everything you should know about the incredibly corrupt olive oil industry > Previous 1/ Next Get the latest Pfizer stock price here. canada goose parka