canada goose 4 Credit Card Perks That Only Ultra-Rich People Get Simon Zhen, MyBankTracker Oct. 21, 2013, 4:26 PM Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images For the average consumer, a credit card is an instrument for making purchases and reaping rewards on spending. For the super wealthy, a credit card can unlock a plethora of extravagant experiences that almost seem preposterous to a typical person. Prestigious credit cards carry extremely long lists of perks that encompass travel, hotels, entertainment, shopping and much more. Taking on roles as status symbols, these cards have tough membership requirements and high annual fees that only a limited group of consumers can handle. While benefits such as complimentary hotel room upgrades and personal concierges are common among elite credit cards for the super affluent, some perks are difficult to obtain through other means. See some of the wild credit card perks that are available to the ultra-rich: 1. Private Is Better Than Commercial Sometimes, flying with the common folk — even in first class — is just unacceptable. There’s never enough leg room. There’s always that baby who refuses to stop crying. And, where’s the food? Luckily, for those who can pay for it, private jets exist to eliminate all the problems of flying commercial. With a card such as J.P. Morgan Palladium, cardmembers gain access to charter private jets through NetJets canada goose outlet online , the largest worldwide operator of private jets. With the purchase of a 25-hour Marquis Jet Card, cardmembers receive a complimentary hour of flight time, which is worth thousands of dollars by itself. 2. Shop With No One Else In The Store Go shopping on a beautiful weekend and you’re guaranteed to encounter the mobs of fellow shoppers who fight to grab the hottest items off the racks, take too long in the fitting rooms, and clog up checkout lines. Well, wield the right credit card and you can make all those nuisances disappear. For example, those with the American Express Centurion Card (aka « The Black Card ») have been known to shut down stores, celebrity-style, just so they can shop in privacy. More often than not, they end up spending a large amount of money in such shopping trips. Others may see this perk as unnecessary given that the people who can afford to own such powerful credit cards can also hire a personal shopper to pick up the purchases and deliver the goods to them. But, who doesn’t like the feeling of being able to have an entire store to themselves?3. Spend Without Limits In Mind Many people look at their credit cards and think that they hold to key to unlimited spending, as if they can swipe without ever hearing a store clerk say that the card has been declined. Unfortunately, that is not the case for most people because credit limits put a cap on the balance that they can carry on a credit card. For the mega-rich, their credit cards don’t come with such barriers to spending. The Citi Chairman Amex Card (no longer offered) gigglegeek , for instance, has no pre-set spending limit, which means that shopping spree doesn’t have to end. Many other non-elite credit cards, including those under the Visa Signature and World MasterCard programs, also don’t have pre-set spending limits. But, card issuers may still have undisclosed spending limits in mind and freeze a card to reduce the risk of default. With the more prestigious cards, such internal spending limits may be more lenient because of the financial credentials required to obtain such cards in the first place.4. Drive What (and Where) You’ve Never Driven Before Like the exclusive credit card in your wallet, your car is always a symbol of your wealth and financial prowess. So, it makes sense that an elite credit card will enable you drive in style. With the American Express Centurion Card, cardmembers get access to luxury car rentals, including the attention-hogging supercars from Ferrari and Lamborghini. To take things to the extreme, cardmembers can rent a Formula One race car and take it for a spin on race course. Or, go on an off-road track through Land Rover and even speed on icy roads with Bridgestone’s Winter Driving School. It’s just like you’re the driver in those tempting car commercials. Read the original article on MyBankTracker. Copyright 2018. Follow MyBankTracker on Twitter. SEE ALSO: 5 Common Estate Planning Mistakes To Avoid canada goose parka