The GPS signal jammer works by sending out its own signal on the same frequency as the GPS unit, a noisy signal that prevents it from receiving or transmitting any useful information. There are a number of types of noise signals it can send; some call for a narrowband Gaussian signal, others for a simple continuous wave. The first, and most popular model to hit the mainstream market was one that plugs into the cigarette lighter of a car, effectively disrupting the signal for a 15 foot radius.

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Not only have individual frog species evolved very specific needs in terms of their geographical habitat, all amphibians can be especially sensitive to habitat changes because they spend time migrating between land and water during the year. Water sources like wetlands, ponds and streams are required for the laying of eggs and rearing of young, but many adults spend most of their time on land. Anything we do to a frog’s habitat that keeps it from getting from one location to another building roads and draining wetlands are two prime examples can do some serious damage to a population, or even an entire species..

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Many people who invest on their own take advice from their friends, family, and what they see on TV. They get skittish at the slightest downturn and sell their shares in a panic. But if they did some simple research, they’d learn that many traders average down during these times, expecting an eventual return.

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Well in the instances I mentioned it was random. In 1995, a Norwegian American team of scientists launched a rocket to study the northern lights, except it appeared as a nuclear missile at Russian early warning systems. That, in turn, brought the nuclear football to Yeltsin, who for some reason ultimately and fortunately decided not to launch any nukes back.

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