My only gripe with an acquisition would be the dilution of Ionis’s ASO therapies in the milieu of chemical drugs which have an incredibly high clinical trial failure rate (greater than 90%!).Potential Risks for Ionis There are a few potential headwinds to consider:1) Ionis’s primary income stream comes from Spinraza, which has recently caused the stock to trade lower due to the slow ramp in Spinraza sales. However, as more insurers provide coverage and administration sites are expanded, the majority of SMA patients should be on therapy.2) In the coming years, Spinraza could face competition from AAV based gene therapy from AveXis (NASDAQ:AVXS). While AveXis’s results were definitely strong, the company will almost certainly have issues filling a placebo controlled trial with Spinraza on the market.

iphone x cases Sign in / Join NowSummaryDiscussion of the recently announced ROKU IPO.We take a look at the product and its benefits and the competitive threats.Initial quick dive into the financials.Even though I was not planning on writing about Roku Inc. (ROKU) until next week, I was inspired. I was inspired to do some ROKU research while watching Shark Tank. iphone x cases

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iPhone Cases In September 2017 cheap iphone cases, Achaogen was awarded a contract valued at up to $18.0 million in grant funding from BARDA to support the development of C Scape, which has been awarded Qualified Infectious Disease Product status by the FDA.Also of note, prior COO Blake Wise was appointed CEO effective January 1, 2018, replacing Kenneth Hillan, who is now the President of Research Development while remaining on the board.Balance Sheet and Analyst CommentaryAchaogen exited 3Q17 with $199 million in cash cheap iphone cases, equivalents, and marketable securities. The company started paying down a $25 million loan in September 2017 in 24 equal monthly principal installments; otherwise, it has no debt. The burn rate is significant at $30 million per quarter iphone case, and with a sale force of 65 to be hired pending approval of plazomicin and a Phase 3 trial for C Scape, it stands to reason that expenses will rise in 2018. iPhone Cases

iphone 7 case Judge Wardlaw wrote a rare concurrence with the order, criticzing the dissent for ignoring the facts of the case. « [N]o poet ever interpreted nature as freely as Judge Ikuta interprets the record on this appeal », she said. As a matter of law, it was the dissenters cheap iphone cases, not her, who had ignored O’Connor: « By stripping public employees of all rights to privacy regardless of the actual operational realities of each workplace, the dissent would have us create a far broader rule than Supreme Court precedent allows iphone 7 case.