Given the choice, I only buy gifts for my wife and two kids, but she values gift giving very highly and insists on buying everyone in both of our families a gift. Adds close to $1,000 a year to our expenses, even buying cheap gifts. There just that many of them, but I can say no without causing major stress and unpleasantness between me and my wife, and between her and her family.

This has resulted in my ability to work in some places that I wouldn’t have been able to if it had not been for good mentors. He grew up in a single parent home and when he was a teenager he lost his mother to a terminal illness. Essentially, his brothers and sisters were left to raise themselves.

I also want to do things by myself. I once got mad at her because I was set to have a day alone and was super looking forward to just absolutely blasting my music, and when she cancelled her plans and stayed home I couldn’t hide my disappointment. I work fifty hours a week she works half of that, so she’s home alone daily.

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