It probably daily that I catch myself speaking some degree of falsehood. Sometimes I am brave enough to say « What I meant to say was. », sometimes I just let it stay out there and feel myself weakening. And often the suspicion in the recipient is immediately notable..

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New Jersey shore and riverfront communities are diverse, active places, where people come to enjoy being in close proximity to the water. This is clearly evidenced by the millions of tourists who come to the shore each year to relax on the beach, walk the boardwalks, enjoy our piers, and dine in restaurants along our waterways. It is also evident among those who fish in our waters bridges and pocket parks as well as from shorelines among boaters of all types who navigate our waters for recreation and who depend on access to the water..

Most of our current trends and research are being applied to hundreds of millions of people to showcase overall data and correlations as opposed to concrete reactions between nutrients and health. We drive on the left side of the road, and so we have to pull left and wait before being able to turn right. But it only at certain intersections..

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