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uk canada goose outlet Gordon Taylor must go if the PFA is going to modernise, claims Robbie SavageTaylor is coming under increasing pressure to stand down from his role as the players’ union boss(Image: Getty Images) »This is a big moment for players, as this is the first time to the best of my knowledge that somebody on the inside of the PFA has come out and called for reform. Ben’s a brave man. He will no doubt find himself in one hell of a canada goose black friday fake public battle with Gordon and the PFA, and it will be interesting to see if Gordon rides this one out. »For my part, it’s time for canada goose shop vancouver Gordon to canada goose outlet new jersey step aside and give the PFA a chance to modernise and evolve. »I suspect that a lot of former players will get this call for reform and an independent of the PFA. »I personally think it’s vital that this happens it’s long overdue. »Savage admitted: « The PFA is a vitally for players. uk canada goose outlet

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