One of the speeches made reference to the possibility of « revengeance » against « Niggers », « Jews », and those who supported them. One of the speeches also claimed that « our President, our Congress, our Supreme Court, continues to suppress the white, Caucasian race », and announced plans for a march on Washington to take place on the Fourth of July. Brandenburg was charged with advocating violence under Ohio’s criminal syndicalism statute for his participation in the rally and for the speech he made..

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cheap iphone Cases Sign in / Join NowSummaryI have recently (re)purchased shares of TPVG for the reasons discussed in this article.TPVG released a portfolio update included in its « 2017 Wells Fargo Thought Leadership » presentation announcing robust originations in Q4 2017 resulting in reaching its lower end target leverage.BDCs have been pulling back since May 2017 and are currently offering much higher yields, but many have started to rebound, including TPVG.The company has been maintaining its higher portfolio yield, and there will likely be spillover income into 2018.I am not expecting TPVG to cover its dividend (currently $0.36) for Q4 2017 which is in line with analysts estimates.BDC Buzz Articles Update: Going forward iphone cases, I will try to have a section in the beginning of each article with a « Quick BDC Market Update », especially given the recent market volatility and relatively oversold conditions, providing investors with higher yields and potential capital gains (as compared to just dividends).Also, as many readers have noticed, Seeking Alpha has decided to make articles such as this one available for free for the first 10 days only. The following chart uses UBS ETRACS Wells Fargo Busn Dev Co ETN (BDCS) as a rough proxy for the average BDC, many of which have started to rebound (including TriplePoint Venture Growth (NYSE:TPVG)) and I will discuss in upcoming articles.Article Follow Up: This article is a follow up to « Continued Volatility With This 11% Yielding BDC » that discussed TriplePoint Venture Growth, including: »As predicted in my previous article, TPVG recently rallied after beating Q2 2017 earnings expectations and then quickly declined after Q3 2017 earnings were downgraded. » »TPVG continues to struggle with staying fully leveraged and could have dividend coverage in the coming quarters after taking into account declining net interest margins. »I have recently repurchased my shares of TPVG as it dipped well below my short term target price and for the reasons discussed in this article iphone cases, including the recently announced portfolio growth, maintaining its higher portfolio yield, and the potential for spillover income into 2018. The stock has been rallying over the last few days as shown in the chart below.TPVG Dividend Coverage Discussion: My concerns are mostly related to dividend coverage from recurring sources without the benefit from one time prepayment related income cheap iphone Cases.