A bunch of other stars also formed out of that gas cloud, a process we see happening in other gas clouds in space today. Originally those stars were pretty near each other, and we may have swapped material with some of them, or their solar systems/stellar nebulas. It does make sense both from a PR perspective and technical perspective to do this.

General Heckman was wounded and the 9th lost 4 dead and 30 wounded. 7 May the Union force moved forward again, slowly pushing the Confederate force back toward the railroad. The 9th suffered an additional 1 killed and 10 wounded.. Another technique taught me long ago is to take a green break. Plants produce the oxygen we need to survive, they also produce negative ions which soothe us. Get outdoors and be with a green growing thing.

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Applications in the list that have white text are processes that are in memory but not consuming any CPU resources. Applications listed in yellow text are processes that are active and consuming CPU resources. Finally, applications listed in gray text are labeled as background services.

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