The 2014 Camaro went for an astounding $650,000, almost doubling the Mustang’s price. The lucky serial number 0001 Camaro was purchased by Rick Hendrick, owner of NASCAR’s Hendrick Motorsports and several Chevy dealerships. If you think $650K is a lot of paper to shell out on a car, consider that the very first 2014 Chevy COPO Camaro sold at the same auction for $700,000..

An inspection of the equipment room found dozens of brand new helmets and shoulder pads were missing and whole sets of team jerseys had disappeared. Coach a basic but essential kit with footballs, pylons and such were gone. Tallied up, about $17,000 in equipment was missing, and the season start was only weeks away..

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3 vs Boston, Dec. 6 vs Edmonton, Dec. 16 vs NYI, Jan. 21, 2015, Buckel was eligible to be considered for release on parole on May 21, according to the state Corrections Department’s website. His latest release date would have been Nov. 21, 2017.But now, Buckel could face an additional three to five years in prison once he is captured, Schuman said..

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