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Cheap Jerseys china Seen in an Oct. 23, 2017 photo, this church Cheap Jerseys china0, built in 1924, was once the Slavic Evangelical Lutheran St. Peter Paul Church in Fort Dodge, Iowa. In part 1 of the Vaccination Debate, you saw a list of the preservatives adjuvants that stimulate the immune system to react more strongly to the virus antibiotics and other substances that make up today’s vaccines.Many of these ingredients are toxic. Quite a few of them have been classified as known hazardous substances on up to eight different federal regulatory lists.And they CAN harm your immune system Cheap Jerseys china1, nervous system and gastrointestinal system and in extreme cases lead to permanent disability or death.The Federal Government VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) receives about 11,000 reports of serious adverse reactions to vaccinations annually, which include as many as 100 to 200 deaths and several times that number of permanent disabilities.The thing is the FDA estimates that doctors are reporting as few as 1% of adverse events related to vaccinations. Medical schools actually tell doctors NOT to report them.So the actual number of serious adverse reactions could be 10 to 100 times greater than the number reported.Of course, vaccines contain toxic ingredients that are recognized as hazardous, so it should be no surprise that there’s some risk of adverse reaction. Cheap Jerseys china

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